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Equityfeed's groundbreaking real-time trading platform is a true game changer for "retail" day traders and swing traders. It let's you sort and filter the U.S. stock market in an incredibly powerful way so that you can effortlessly identify the right stock trading opportunities as they are happening in real-time. And the best part...it's so easy to use.


Simple. Our ultra-powerful tools will not only give you the ultimate technology advantage...they also have such a slick, attractive, and user-friendly interface that even a 12 year old would have no problem using them successfully. You'll be set up and hunting profitable stocks within mere minutes!

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Generating actionable trading ideas in real-time during the trading day is the lifeblood of any successful stock trader. EquityFeed's platform gives you a complete suite of tools that let's you generate and capitalize on profitable trade opportunities as they happen!

What was before only available to the most sophisticated trading firms is now available to you - the retail guy sitting at home - all within an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly Interface.

The landscape for active, retail traders has never looked so good. Welcome to the good times. Welcome to EquityFeed.