Getting Started With EquityFeed

Our team is dedicated to making your life as a trader much easier. We've compiled a variety of resources just for you. Browse through our library of cheat sheets, guides, and tutorials. If you have any further questions, just send us an email!

Platform Tutorials

How to Use MarketView

Video Tutorial

How to Use Filter Builder

Video Tutorial

How to Use the News Streamer

Video Tutorial

How to Use Decision Support

Video Tutorial

How to Use Trading Alerts

Video Tutorial

How to Use Level 2

Video Tutorial

How to Use Personal Alerts

Video Tutorial

How to Create Watch Lists

Video Tutorial

How to Use Time and Sales

Video Tutorial

How to Build and Save Layouts

Video Tutorial

Cheat Sheets

User-Generated Videos

How to Make Money With EquityFeed

by Supreme Penny Stocks

EquityFeed Platform Walkthrough

by ClayTrader

How to Scan for Penny Stocks

by Jeff Williams of Penny Pro

Real-time Breakouts and Breakdowns

by Nathan Michaud of Investors Underground

About EquityFeed

EquityFeed is an ultra-powerful trading platform that was designed and built to give retail day traders the ultimate trading advantage. Our modern, feature-rich suite of trading tools is revolutionizing the way in which traders monitor the stock market in absolute real-time to find trade opportunites as they happen. This professional-grade platform puts the "little guy" in a position to dominate the stock market's opportunities and trade at the highest possible level.

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